Thursday, 24 March 2011 | By: Nathan


Selalu saja, angin berhembus sekehendaknya
Tak hanya, menyapu seraut wajahku saja
Tapi juga, sekuntum angan yang belum sempat kusuntingnya

Selalu saja, hujan merinai sekehendaknya
Tak hanya, membasahi kerontang hatiku saja
Tapi juga, menumbuhkan tunas-tunas kecewa

Selalu saja,
Thursday, 24 February 2011 | By: Nathan


It's late in the evening, when I’m just wondering what words to say. It's been fifty five days since you took another step to walk along, far away from it suppose to be. Well, you didn’t take any step anyway, not you. It’s me, with thousands of guiltiness, who force you to do that. Yeah, admittedly i was so guilty. I hope you will never forgive me, because I didn’t deserve to be forgiven.
Now, everything seems to be faded, remaining an untreatable pain that’s trying to be a sweet murderer. What about you? Are you OK? Have you been cured? Have you been starting to smile? Come on, tell me that you do! Tell me that you have found someone who can hold his promises on his molar! Tell me that you have found your own happiness! Tell me that you can breath a new lovely air again! So I can start trying to forgive myself, or at least, living a true life.
Luna, now it’s starting to be dark now, and still, I can’t find a perfect couple of words to say. Well, you’re twenty three years old today, a perfect time for us to think and act maturely. Let us be just like we used to be, a brother for his sweet sister. Or, if you really want it, we can keep standing as stranger of each other. But, beyond everything, I lie all of my sorry in your forgiveness. For God, I beg you forgive me.
Luna, I always say this to God when I met Him in my lonely night, “God, you can take away all of my happiness, but please, give it to her instead. This happiness make me sick, because I know it comes from her sorrow.”
Now, I hope your twenty third year give you everything you need to get happy. Because it’s all I want you to be. Happy birthday, Luna....
Thursday, 3 February 2011 | By: Nathan

Sebuah Rasa (Sebuah Harap)

Bulir-bulir itu kembali buyarkan lamunku
Pupuskan angan yang membelenggu
Menyisakan perih,
Yang buatku letih

Di hamparan padimu yang kemuning
Dan rinai hujan yang belum mengering
Ku titipkan segenap rasa
Yang masih tersisa

Karena sungguh,
Aku rindu…